Steve Coogan’s E-type Scoops Concours Award

Steve Coogan’s E-type Scoops Concours Award

After a painstaking rebuild of comedian Steve Coogan’s 1961 outside bonnet lock E-type roadster, Coventry Jaguar restorers, XK Engineering, won the coveted Royal Brierley Cup at the International Jaguar Driver’s Club E-type day at Prescott in June.  Described by the judges as ‘the best E-type of the day by a country mile’, 171 DBP is the 62nd right hand drive roadster built and was one of 56 early pre-production E-types released to Jaguar dealers as public demonstrators on July 14th 1961.

Dave Woods, of XK Engineering, says: ‘Steve Coogan is passionate about 171 DBP and knows how historically important it is. He gave us carte blanche to restore it back to its exact 1961 colours and specification. Being a knowledgeable classic car collector he has enormously high standards and I’m proud that we delivered. But we’re doubly delighted since the restoration was overseen by classic car expert Quentin Willson who knows a thing or two about E-types.’

Steve Coogan says: ‘Quentin, Dave, Terry and the team at XK have turned 850062 into one of the best and most authentic ’61 E-types in the world. I couldn’t be more delighted with the detail and workmanship. 171 DBP is now so blindingly perfect I’m entering it into the Jaguar Drivers’ Club Champion of Champions concours at the Classic Motor Show in the NEC in November. So keep your fingers crossed for us.’

Quentin Willson says: ‘This was a labour of absolute love bringing this rare outside lock E-type back to perfect period spec. One of only 500 cars made with the rare outside bonnet locking mechanism and flat floors so revered by collectors, it’s an honour to have helped save 171 DBP for posterity. I thought that I was a classic car obsessive but Steve is much, much, worse. XK Engineering have been a joy to work with and amazingly patient with the sometimes insane demands from two crazy old car fanatics.’

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