We now stock GYSFLASH advanced battery chargers

We now stock GYSFLASH advanced battery chargers

The GYSFLASH 4A and 7A advanced battery chargers feature the latest technology designed for maximum care of all modern battery types (including AGM/EFB batteries fitted to cars with Start/Stop). At the same time GYSFLASH ensures the charging process is safe and simple.

Safe and Simple

Both models are suitable for use with Lead Acid, GEL, Silver, Calcium and AGM/EFB Start/Stop batteries. With such a variety of battery types available, care must be taken to select the correct charger. GYS 4A and 7A do not require user selection, eliminating the risk of error.

GYSFLASH are safe to use without removing the car battery from the vehicle – avoiding problems involving loss of radio codes.

Maximum care for your battery

The GYSFLASH 4A and 7A use a 10 stage microprocessor controlled charging curve to ensure an effective charge is achieved without risk to the battery.

Part of the charging process will condition the battery reducing sulphation that naturally occurs in batteries over time, thus improving performance and operating life. The GYSFASH 4A and 7A feature LED indicators to display the state of charge.

Maintenance mode

GYSFLASH can also be left permanently connected to maintain the battery when a vehicle is not in use. Typical examples are for a classic car, motorbike or farm machinery. A permanent connection kit is included to make the process quick and easy.

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