High power LED brake lights for classic cars

High power LED brake lights for classic cars

Close call: Most enthusiasts who drive beautifully restored classic cars will tell the tale of the car behind who wanted a really good look and failed to realise how effective their finely-tuned brakes were. The screech of tortured tyres right behind you is not what you want to hear at times like that.

The answer: These specially developed high power LED stop / tail bulbs will help with this problem, even on early, positive earth cars. This new stop/tail bulb (380 in Lucas language) is twice as bright as a conventional bulb but uses only 7.5 watts .It achieves this by taking advantage of the latest COB LED technology which creates a platform with a very high number of light sources in a confined space, mounted on solid metal for total reliability and long life. This also gets rid of the “dotty” effect usual to LED bulbs.

A worthwhile upgrade that you can buy & install yourself or ask us to do it for you.

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